Pascal Niggenkemper
photo by Laurent Orseau

  • Pascal Niggenkemper

Joachim Badenhorst
photo by Laurent Orseau

  • Joachim Badenhorst

Jean-Yves Evrard & Riuicju Daijo
photo by Laurent Orseau

  • Jean-Yves Evrard

Momenteel zijn 'Orgues Agnès' in residentie bij les ateliers claus.
in concert 27 March.
Orgue Agnès est une béchamel interstellaire à base de Kaumwald (respectivement Sourdure et 1er chasseur) et de Èlg. Le set-up vaut le coup d’oeil: Ernest au violon multi polaire, Clément à la boite à rythme sexy rouillée et Laurent au chant yahourt et à l’Ipad séquencé. Quatre ou cinq prières élastiques, répétitives, gueulées-miaulées, certains dansent, d’autres pleurent, d’autres s’en vont. »

  • 'Orgues Agnès

on April 1st to be seen at les ateliers claus

live at les ateliers claus on April 1st

Les Mutants Maha, recording day 2 at les ateliers claus

  • Les Mutants Maha recording day 2
  • Les Mutants Maha recording day 2

the people of Les Mutants Maha started working on their residency at les ateliers claus today.
3 days of rehearsals on 14 pieces and then recording everything.

the people of les Mutants Maha brought some oldies and newbies with them.
Nice vinyl that would be nice in your collection.

  • Les Mutants Maha
  • Etron Fou

Saddened by the news about Bruce Geduldig. Bruce was part of the very first Salon at les ateliers claus, 10 years ago. Bruce will be missed!…

Our studio work mentioned in an interesting article:

"What ideas regarding gender and sound do voices call forth? To think through this question, we’ve recruited several great writers who will be covering different aspects of gender and sound. Regular writer Regina Bradley will look at how music is gendered in Shonda Rhimes’ hit show Scandal. A.O. Roberts will discuss synthesized voices and gender. Art Blake will share with us his reflections on how his experience shifting his voice from feminine to masculine as a transgender man intersects with his work on John Cage. Robin James will return to SO! with an analysis of how ideas of what women should sound like have roots in Greek philosophy. Me? I’ll share a personal essay/analysis of what it means to be called a “loud woman.”

Read more by clicking the link below:…


we're glad to announce that A-musik is distributing our fine releases.
Check out the link below, to see what is available via this great Cologne based distributor and store.