Another S M O G night

Teresa Cos (it) + Graham Kelly (uk) + Cédric Dambrain (fr) + Stefan Prins (b) + Peter Jacquemyn (b) 

Another S M O G night at ateliers claus, with a triptic of noise, improvisation and sound installation!

20h30 - YOAN ROBIN installation (1st floor until 11pm)
21h - CLOUD CHAMBER (Stefan Prins and Peter Jacquemyn)

/ Impro noise // 

Teresa Cos and Graham Kelly are audiovisual artists who also play as part of the Brussels-based trio The European Union. Improvised drum and vocal loops and stripped-down percussive guitar fall into and out of genres, rhythm and harmony.

/ Installation live électronique //

Cédric Dambrain is a composer, performer and instrument designer based in Brussels. His sonic research includes compositions for ensembles, solo works, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances. He's currently producing computer-generated material spanning a wide sonic palette, from anarchic electronics to surgical otoacoustic synthscapes - focusing on physiological sound experiments and perception thresholds. His debut album, Subjective Slave (CD), has been released in fall 2013. Next to his musical work, Cédric Dambrain has collaborated vastly in the field of music theater and dance performance. He recently completed the design of a music controller prototype with vibrotactile feedback, aiming to develop a genuinely physical approach of electronic music.

Stefan PRINS (BE), electronics
Peter JACQUEMYN (BE), doublebass 

According to particle physics, a cloud chamber is a container made of supersaturated water or alcohol. When an otherwise imperceptible charged particle passes through it, a trace is left specific to that particle's shape. If a uniform magnetic field is applied across the chamber, the differently charged particles curve in opposite directions, creating elaborate traces. 
In essence, improvising is like creating a cloud chamber. Inside the container of a performance, the unheard is made audible and energy is transformed into a network of traces and trajectories. Peter's double bass and my electronics act as a constantly changing magnetic field that curves these particles into different densities, constellations and forms. They appear for a fraction of an instance and then evaporate until the next particle makes its entry.

+ an installation by YOAN ROBIN: play/read

This is not a way to consult any book on the blank surface of a book but to confront two mediums to question both of them. I am considering this device as a pretext to produce video whose meaning depends on the support on which it is intended and vice versa : working on the text/picture printed in a layout whose logic depends of the video.



DJ Mexico en Diciembre 

Teresa Cos -

Cédric Dambrain -

Stefan Prins -

Peter Jacquemyn -

Yoan Robin - 

DJ Mexico en Diciembre - 


Ticket: 8 euros.