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W. Ravenveer

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Australian pianist/composer Anthony Pateras has now established an impressive oeuvre comprising improvisations, minimal piano pieces, and electronic -modular synth cheered- music through to noise. He has performed worldwide in various bands and projects since the late ‘90s, including: Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Thymolphthalein, PIVIXKI, Twitch Ensemble, Beta Erko, and at the moment: TĒTĒMA with Mike Patton.
Pateras lived in Brussels until a year ago and now lives and works in Berlin. He has already made more than 20 releases on labels like Editions Mego, John Zorn’s label Tzadik, Ipecac, and on his very own Immediata. Recently, he provided music for the film The Man Who Disappeared by Sylvère Lotringer (Semiotext(e)) but this evening he will be presenting a new quadrophonic composition, his first in 3 years.
Multi-instrumentalist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, ex-bassist and singer from 90 Day Men, has been releasing solo work with his analogue modular synth since 2005, under the moniker Lichens. Aside from his solo work, he is also the third member of metal drone band Om, he has played with White / Light (dubbed White / Lichens for the occasion), was a member of TV On The Radio, and toured extensively with Explosions In The Sky. His music is almost always created from improvisation and he's not afraid to experiment, which results in surprising electronic musical pieces with an entirely unique texture.
W Ravenveer:
W. Ravenveer is the alter-ego of Erwin Van Looveren, maker of electronic sounds behind the iron wall in Antwerp. He will present a live set on the modular synth with which he creates the most complicated spontaneous patches.
in collaboration with AB