bobby would + Christophe Clébard

Bobby Would (uk) + Christophe Clébard (geneve)

Christophe Clébard (geneve) is a solo doom-disco-dance-punk project, recalling the punishing groove of Suicide and DAF. His music is undeniably groovy and puts the listener into a trance while his punishing vocal assault sends one on a dark psychic odyssey. Christophe Clébard has been a refreshingly severe addition to the Brussels music scene.

Bobby Would (uk) - live band w/ members of heavy metal (harbinger sound, static shock), sick horse (static shock), häxxan (slovenly rec), acid baby jesus (slovenly rec), victor (lumpy rec), delfin (die plattenfirma), schiach (phantom rec), muscle barbie (harbinger sound)

Big Joanie was planned to come and play on 24th May, but had to cancel due to a family bereavement 


20h30 DOORS
21h00 Bobby Would
22h00 Christophe Clébard
+ dj Klakke