Cate Le Bon + Léonore Boulanger

cate le bon

Cate Le Bon (uk) + Léonore Boulanger (fr)


Cate Le Bon is a keystone, using the weight of her influences to steady a house that is entirely her own making. Whether producing others or at the helm of her own maxi-minimal deconstructionist music, her method remains the same as it ever was: take it apart, find the stone that sings, build it back from the top down.
Cate is currently working on her fifth studio album and recently found a perfect new home for her compositions with American visionaries Mexican Summer (Ariel Pink, Jessica Pratt, Connan Mockasin). 2018 saw the second release of her weirdo-automatic-folk-ballad-krautrock side project, Drinks, with long time partner in rhyme Tim Presley (White Fence) to much critical acclaim.
In April 2018 she traveled to Marfa, Tx to work on a collaboration with Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox during the prestigious Marfa Myths Festival. This musical kinship and mutual admiration for one another led to Cox to ask her to produce their new album. It’s beginning to feel like the Welsh writer’s creative threads are truly coming together. No other musician sounds like this and no one puts heart into concrete like Cate Le Bon. For fans of architecture, night flights and the sea.

Léonore Boulanger: singing, harmonium, toy piano, casio SA-46, jaw harp, megaphone, typewriter
Jean-Daniel Botta: singing, guitar, double bass, piano, music box, casio SA-46, balafon, trumpet, practice singer
Laurent Sériès: percussions, toy piano, Chinese flute hulusi, toy box