Charles Hayward

Charles Hayward



CHARLES HAYWARD will probably be associated with This Heat until the end of time. This legendary cultband recorded a few records in the late 70’s and 80's that still sound fresh and new. This trio with Charles Hayward behind the drumkit, broke all rules and created a complete unique sound. On his own Charles Hayward is intense rhythms, spinning electronics and a collage of texts and melodies. Live an utter impressive and energetic one man band.

ANNA HOMLER is a performance artist from Los Angeles, USA. She had a gig in the year 91 in Rotterdam on the "Dissidents Festival. Similarly Geert Waegeman was there with his group Cro Magnon. The two were interested in each other's work, started talking and decided to start recording. Anna knew Pavel Fajt and thought he would be the appropriate third man. And so it began. Since then, Anna, Geert and Pavel work together sporadicly. The results can be heard on a album they recorded in Belgium and a live recording they made in Canada. Anna's world is characterized by a made-up and improvised language, but she also uses English in a surreal context. Works with found objects, and her performances are very visual. Pavel Fajt has reinvented percussive instruments. He worked with Iva Bittova and was the mastermind behind Dunaj, the Czech TC Matic. Geert Waegeman was a founding member of Univers Zero and was a anchor point for Urban Chamber Music in Belgium. Ever since he's been innovating to keep hammering away with Cro Magnon, movie concerts, musical theater and an organic look at electronics and acoustics . The special guest on our evening at Ateliers Claus is Koen Van Roy (Cro Magnon), bringing us his wide variety of saxophones and wind instruments. Musical paintings in an adventurous setting.

QUATTROPHAGE their sound is characterized by a total spectrum of sounds. Screeching noises to a crash, the bubbling wave to murmur. Offering you a soundtrack and played by three members: Matthew Safatly cello and hacks of all kinds (one of the pillars of the collective One Free Improv time), Olivier Hüe guitar and other stringed instruments, Nicolas Lelièvre percussion (followed courses with Carlos Zingaro, Ted Milton or Ghédalia Tazartès).