David Thomas - Living Room Concert

David Thomas

David Thomas -
Living room concert

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David Thomas living room concert: an intimate warm Monday evening, close to a fireplace called David Thomas. 
This is a David Thomas concert with some members of PERE UBU appearing.

David Lynn Thomas is an American singer, songwriter and musician.
He was one of the founding members of the short-lived proto-punkers Rocket from the Tombs (1974–1975), where he went by the name of Crocus Behemoth, and of punk group Pere Ubu (1975–present, intermittently). He has also released several solo albums. Though primarily a singer, he sometimes plays melodeon, trombone, guitar or other instruments.
Thomas has described his artistic focus as being the "gestalt of culture, geography and sound".Common themes crop up throughout much of his work, such as the US Interstate Highway system, images of roadside or "junk" tourist culture, Brian Wilson, AM Radio, and many others.
Something of a cult figure, Thomas's high pitched voice is one of the most distinctive in rock music.