Davide Mosconi, Pierrot Vianoupoulo, Gerard Herman

Gerard Leuven stoel


Davide Mosconi + 
Pierrot Vianoupoulos + 
Gerard Herman

Doors open

Saturday, April 26, 2014
open 20.00 hrs / start 20.30 hrs
FREE entrance

In the ambiance of Art Bruxelles' side programming DE PLAYER will showcase some of its special record sets.

1. installation: DAVIDE MOSCONI - 'SEZIONE AUREA' (1971-2000)
6 x 12" laser etched records
edition of 30 pieces

During a joint listening session we will present Davide Mosconi's installation. His box set contains six laser etched vinyl records which are to represent the rhythm section of a big orchestra. The late Mosconi developed this 'conceptual record orchestra' in the 1980s. It was intended for release with Alga Marghen's Emanuele Carcano around 2000, but it never materialized. Now, in a mutual effort with Alga Marghen it will finally see the light of day. Alga Marghen is the acclaimed Italian label specialising in experimental outsider art and 20th century composition obscurities.

2. listening, watching: PIERROT VIANOPULOS - 'AUGMENTED SLIDES' (2013-2014)
10 x 10" records in box set + guiding text and genealogy
edtion of 10 pieces

Pierrot Vianoupoulos made 'Augmented Slides'; a collection of sound snippets which have their origin in guitar notation. After deconstructing, stretching, and compressing the source material, it became an archive of pieces which can be considered small cornerstones for understanding the musical constructions. The box set contains ten 10" records which are made to use for new pieces. Vianoupoulos will create a listening session with performance and choreography.


3. musical chairs: GERARD HERMAN - 'STOELENDANS' (2014)
1 chair + single sided 10" record and silkscreen 
edition of 23 pieces

This edition will be an inauguration with a live 'stoelendans' (musical chairs) happening. Together with artist Gerard Herman DE PLAYER previously produced the event POUR VOUS #3 with the same title, an installation based on the traditional music and dance game. After its presentation at Herman's exhibition 'Arm en Erg Hard' at M Museum in Leuven we now present it as a live piece. This 23 piece edition, containing a chair with built-in record will be on sale from this date.

Spined Articles is a coöperation between DE PLAYER, Alga Marghen, Les Atelier Claus and Whatspace.