The Dictaphone, Hallaliberte

The Dictaphone / Hallaliberté

The Dictaphone +

5 €

This concert is taking place at Bunker, Rue des Plantes 66a, 1060 Bxl.

The French band The Dictaphone bounces off more walls than a Gummi Bear playing The Last Action Hero pinball machine, wrestling myriad noises into a punk-oriented mincer. The result: stuttering, urgent, claustrophobic rants of varying levels of heaving hilarity and debauched depravity, delivered with a desperate energy that feels tapped from the dawn of the no-wave era, when post-punk nihilism was first rent asunder. Thus I love it.


Julien Bibard (projection 16mm & video) & Jean-Philippe Saulou (sound), 20′ [audiovisual performance]

Hallaliberté (has no link to the meat) is a performance with the following ingredients: feedback, light play and a kind of a chase or iconoclastic elements where from time to time you might just find the highly sought after…

Both artists play in a long series of other acts and combinations. Come and eat them.