Don Nino, Le Colisee

Le Colisee


8€ / 10€

The Realm of the Artist, as Fellini dreamt it, is in that Limbo between the tangible and the intangible world.

As well as working with his unbridled band NLF3, DON NINO once again taps into the tumult of psychedelic music; he conjures up memories and Forefathers like Syd Barrett, Nick Drake or Thurston Moore, inviting them to join in a gigantic, expiatory banquet in the company of Brut artists (such as Swiss sculptor Adolf Wölfi) and a handful of Indian and Russian film-makers.

Hiding behind pseudonym LE COLISEE which refers to the novel Tempo Di Roma, we find David, a young philosophy student, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Originally from Rwanda but living in Brabant Wallon, he focuses on pop songs with a repetitive minimal edge, spiced up with african percussion and subtle electronic hacks. Having already played in heavier bands, it’s his love for Steve Reich and Grizzly Bear that pushes him with Le Colisee towards little nervous guitars, vocal harmonies and repetitive loops.

A Band without a bio! Finally!