Eurapalia Romania

Octavian Nemescu

Europalia opening night with Octavian Nemescu (rom) & Caroline Profanter (it) + Milan W. & Tulnic Ensemble of Avram Iancu (b/rom) + Raze De Soare (rom) + Camille de Bonhomme (b)


Europalia opening night with Octavian Nemescu (rom) & Caroline Profanter (it) + Milan W. & Tulnic Ensemble of Avram Iancu (b/rom) + Raze De Soare (rom)

With an eclectic line-up starting with an active listening session in an acousmonium and ending in a wild party, EUROPALIA ROMANIA kick’s off its music programme. 2 new commissions showcase exclusive encounters between Belgian and Romanian artists. Later some 
of Bucharests most important players of the young generation will take care of the more dancefloor oriented part of the evening. Where young meets old and tradition meets modernity! 

Octavian Nemescu is one of its country’s avant-garde pioneers and initiator of the Romanian Spectralism. His seminal album GRADEATIA-NATURAL was the first fully- electronic album to be released in Romania under its culturally-repressive Communist regime in 1984. Gradeatia was commissioned by the Belgian Radio-Television and recorded at I.P.E.M. Ghent. It’s an exploration into sonic primordial and universal archetypes recording ambient narrative blends, melodic electronic drones with field recordings to paint an ‘electronic fresco’. After its reissue on Sub Rosa last year, EUROPALIA is proud to present the pieces in a 50 speakers acousmonium, interpreted by the Belgian composer and musician Caroline Profanter. 
An experience devoted to pure active listening, where the public will be immersed into the sound of spatial polyphony. 

MILAN W. AND THE TULNIC ENSEMBLE OF AVRAM IANCU One of EUROPALIA ROMANIA’s residency highlights is the encounter between Belgian electronic music composer Milan Warmoeskerken and a tulnic Ensemble comprising 5 women from the village Avram Iancu. The tulnic is a 2,5m - 3m long traditional wind instrument, used since medieval times as a communication tool in village com- munities in the mountains. Milan W. spent 10 days in the Transylvanian mountains and will experiment with harmonies and textures of the traditional wind instrument to create a long electro- acoustic piece. How rhythmic can he go? What are the melodic capacities of the instrument? Is e ect proces- sing and dubbing possible on such a big instrument? This project is realised in collaboration with The Attic, an online music magazine, which focuses on a wide spectrum of music genres and investigates how music is modeled by certain specific socio-cultural contexts. The live show of Milan W. will be premiered at the opening event of EUROPALIA ROMANIA’s music programme at the Brigittines chapel in Brussels.

RAZE DE SOARE During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, a parallel pseudo- industry of weddings developed in Romania. Hundreds of bands emerged all over the country and the new sound of family events either at restaurants or at home was born. A mix of electrified oriental pop with local flavour which EUROPALIA shows in its contemporary modernised version. Raze de Soare – Albatros is a tribute EP to one of the most famous local bands, the eponymous Albatros

+ installation by Camille de Bonhomme (b)

Research for a movie theater project on sacrifice II is a video installation as part of my researches for a movie/theater project Les Antigones. 
My researches are concentrated on sacrifice in relation with the creation and is partly based on the Romanian ballad Mesterul Manole who sacrificed his wife to build a durable and unique church. 

The first step of the project was a performance with Natacha Nicora and her daughter Ati at Bozar. From the result of this performance - a tattered dress - I wanted to create a new sacrificial image and to associate it once more with Elena Vladareanu’s text which is a precious contemporary response to Manole’s legend. 



Dragos Rusu has been a constant presence in Bucharest’s alternative music scene for over a decade now. A DJ, journalist and music adventurer, he is the co-founder and editor in chief of The Attic Magazine. The Attic is an online music platform that covers a wide variety of music and promotes Romanian artists and history worldwide. Dragos’s radio show on the cult Dutch station Intergalactic FM showcases a comprehensive pick of local talents as well as renowned international guests such as Mick Wills, Lena Willikens, Broken English Club and Booty Carrell. His musical approach knows no boun- daries of genre, style, time or space—he’s been spotted playing hard, textural techno and acid house as well as intriguing outernational oddities, African, Greek, Turkish, Arabic rhythms and the occasional contemporary gypsy music.


Bogman’s history goes all the way back to the 90s, when he started a Hip Hop Radio Show for Radio Nova 22, and the first Romanian hip hop parties. The Laborator series of social events that he later on set up with DJ Vasile turned a small games house in the legendary place that every ‘cool’ kid in town has set foot in - The Web Club. In 2001, Bogman jumped the fence to New York, where he lived for 7 years, out of which 5 years illegally, as a mana- ger for the Turntable Lab store, resident DJ for Apt and Nublu, and qualified hunter of obscure vinyls for a lucky few. Back in Bucharest in 2008, he set up the Fantastic Boogie parties, and nowadays co-works on the program- ming of Control Club. Bogman will do what he does best, make u swim and dance till dawn in deep waters


This is an EUROPALIA event


19h00 DOORS
20h00 Octavian Nemescu & Caroline Profanter
21h30 Milan W. & Tulnic Ensemble of Avram Iancu
23h00 Raze De Soare
+ afterparty with Dragos Rusu & Bogman