Fête de la Musique

Fête de la Musique

Fête de la Musique

Shetahr +
Aérobiconoise +
Tav Exotic +


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A few months ago Maarten Raskin (drummer) introduced me to the different bands he's playing in. He composed with different skilled and non-skilled musicians and makes fine tunes, but as i have a preference for the fresh and rough sounds Shetahr became my immediate preference. The group came to play at Les Ateliers Claus, released their recording and came by to give me a copy. I started playing their cd-r nonstop and found myself driving around in Brussels cranking up Shetahr's music and starting to memorize their lyrics and getting more into the performance of Nick Defour (vocals) and the naive and brilliant guitar playing of Lotte Beckwé. I'm sold, i'm hooked. Just need to practice to pronounce the band name Shetahr. 


(Harsh pop)
Performance a géométrie variable.
Un décor minimal composé des seuls protagonistes et de leurs machines: table de mixage, cycliste, noiseux, hoola-hoop, pédales en tout genre…

Tav Exotic

I'm a fan of Bear Bones, Lay Low! Unconditional love for whatever the man does. Here you can enjoy him in duo trippin his ass off. As he likes to do. Goa trance for the advanced tastmakers, acid for the dancers, melodies for the music lover. 


BEPOTEL is a three armed entity, weaving rhytms and spheres with their classic drumcomputers and futuristic vision. Consisting of Brussels 'ketjes' Sagat, &apos and Walrus, they build sonic landscapes together for almost 7 years now. Hazy or sparkling, their sound is a portal to digital emotions. After releasing some tracks and remixes for Meakusma, Testtoon and gentle tapes, they readied their first EP for Vlek last winter. Next to playing as Bepotel, they are also solo artists in their own right and started out a micro label on which they just released a new Hidden Tracks tape release.
The sound of Brussels ano 2014.
+ dj set par 'au pire c'est lui qui mixe'