France, Matthew Hopkins, dj Klakke


France +
Matthew Hopkins +
dj Klakke

5 €

the concert is taking place at our venue close to the North Station / Place Rogier. The address is Rue de Brabant 28a (under the railway tracks).

Yann Gourdon : vielle à roue / hurdy gurdy 
Jeremie Sauvage : basse / bass
Mathieu Tilly : batterie / drums
Frenchtrancekrautnoise: your ideal Sunday night band. Take a day off on Monday. 
Matthew Hopkins = was an English witch-hunter, but here he is an Australian who makes a form of ambience through meditative synth lines, electronics and atmospheric tape manipulation. 
dj Klakke = Johan Loones, founding father and spirit of KRAAK. 
8pm / 5euro