french invasion


Aymeric de Tapol (b) + Plein Soleil (fr) + Ellen Ripley (fr) + Ay Red Moon (fr)


Plein Soleil (fr) : 
From Lyon , since the tape released on Mus Joutra Plein Soleil aka Jonathan Grandcolot (drummer from Société Etrange ) change his set up on a wonderfull drum accoustic live playing with electronic sequence on it .. must see !!

Ellen Ripley (fr) :

a crossing between the beat maker Spectre and the electronic dub 's maker Ekoplekz.

Ay Red Moon (fr) is a Thibault de Raymonde, but as most of you don’t read bio’s, you won’t know this will be the ultimate high-tempo percussive psychedelic mayhem that is coming to perforate your ears. 

Aymeric de Tapol (b) chaos, construction and deconstruction from a composer working with elements coming out of his personal field recordings collection, modular racks and found electronic objects. 

+ dj KLAKKE !!!


running order :

doors 20u30, first concert 21:00

1) Aymeric de Tapol (1st floor)

2) Plein Soleil

3) Ellen Ripley

4) Ay Red Moon

+ dj Klakke