Gatekeeper, d'EON, Dreamboy


buzz on your lips & les ateliers claus present

d'EON +

12€ / 12€

timing /
DREAMBOY 8:15-9:00PM
D’EON 9:15-10:00PM
GATEKEEPER 10:15-11:15PM


GATEKEEPER (us – hippos in tanks, merok, factmag)
Hippos in Tanks released this year (2012) Brooklyn-via-Chicago duo Gatekeeper’s insane debut LP, Exo, a sharp and immersive album that the music equivalent of electrified blood and Ridley Scott’s view of the early 22nd century, if the world makes it that far. Their “Giza” EP, released by Merok in 2010, was already astonishing. Factmag released their Gatekeeper – Factmix 96. They play in total fog, and are maybe even better than Chicago’s excellent Salem !

d’EON (us – hippos in tanks, factmag)
Simply titled LP, d’Eon’s third release for the Hippos in Tanks label was released this year, as well as Music For Keyboards series (2012), after 2010′s “mini-album” Palinopsia and a split 12″ with the few-more-hyped Grimes last year. Factmag also released d’Eon – Fact Mix 338 in July 2012. 2013 is the year for d’Eon with his heady keyboards!

DREAMBOY (be – discoballistic, twilight racing, playmaker)
Outrun electro with 80′s vibe, member of Team Playmaker, makes dreamy synthwave soundscapes and bring an exclusive audio/visual show.