Guttersnipe + Crash Toto + Cancellled


Guttersnipe (uk) + Crash Toto (b) + Cancellled404 (fr)


Guttersnipe (uk) + Crash Toto (b) + Cancellled (fr)

@ Brasserie Atlas

Guttersnipe : describes them in Crack magazine as : ““We wanted to try and imagine extreme music that would be enjoyed or created by non-humans. Buzzing, whirring, clicking, crumbling. The sound of a swarm of insects or the invisible fields of communication detectable only by life forms alien to our own. It’s healthy and I think also fun to try and see things from outside of our human perspective. Noise and avant-garde music has extensively delved into this imaginal realm but it often lacks the kinetic motion and energy that a live rock band has so we aim to bring these fields together. Our pseudonyms and song titles are ways of making these themes more tangible than just the sound alone.”


Crash Toto (b)

Free-noise-music with members of Lemones and Carrageenan.

Cancellled (fr)

fucked-up techno to make your stomach turn, from Yann Leguay and Aymeric de Tapol

+ movie on the 1st floor:

The Jolo Serpent Handlers1978 KAREN KRAMER

" An in-depth portrait of a small snake-handling church in Appalachia, that not only shows two fascinating serpent-handling services, but answers many of the questions about this religion and the people who practice it. Church members speak of why they handle snakes; what gap it fills in their lives; what it's like to grow up in the religion; and the pain of losing a family member from the poisonous snakebite. Varied scenes of: the rattlesnake hunt through the mountains; the washing of the serpents; the annual outdoor homecoming service; a rare documentation of an all-night prayer vigil held for the victim of a rattlesnake bite; and many interviews taken with people inside the relaxed atmosphere of their homes."
– K. K.…

at Brasserie Atlas

19:30 apero (mainly pastis)

20h FILM : The Jolo Serpent Handlers

21h-21h40 : Crash Toto

22h-22h40 : Guttersnipe

23h - 23h45 : Cancelllled

+ dj Dimitri Meier in between, after & under