The Ister

The Ister

The Ister

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The Ister is an association founded in 2011 in Brussels out of a group of 8 people’s common interest in supporting and promoting emerging art locally and internationally. The Ister's approach is built around the possible bonds that relate art to certain other aspects of contemporary life: scenic arts, music, leisure, the private sector, fashion, food...

Reflecting the multi-disciplinarity of its founding members - artists, curators, theatre production manager or musician - The Ister's projects are driven towards 'on site' work production with geographical, architectural and cultural implements, viewing these specificities as a strong perspective for art creation today.

The Ister's program of activities is focused on exploring the definitions of artistic and curatorial practice through individual and collective exhibitions, as well as events including video and film projections, performances, lounges, live music, conferences, workshops, lectures and dinners.