Kjetil Brandsdal, Frederic Alstadt, NMO, Ripit, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

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Kjetil Brandsdal +
Frederic Alstadt +
N.M.O + Ripit +
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

5 €
Kjetil Brandsdal - Bass solo 
Frederic Alstadt - feedback solo
N.M.O - aka Morten & Ruben Patino 
Kjetil Brandsdal:
Bassist Kjetil D Brandsdal has been a prominent figure in the Norwegian
experimental music circuit since the mid 90’s. He has appeared on more
than 50 releases either solo or in various band formats (Ultralyd, Drid… ). He is also a
member of the band Noxagt (Load records) together with John Hegre & Jan Christian Kyvik.
Ripit, a.k.a Nicolas Esterle, started his musical activities as a black metal guitar player in 1995. In 1998 he turns into radical electronic, developping a noisy, rythmical and psychedelic sound based on primitive synthesizer use. He evoluates to a more complex form of sound tending to beat micro-surgery and orchestral bombast.
He released over 100 records on numerous label such as Tesla Tapes, Idiosyncratics, Angstrom, Bruit De Fond, Zhark, Yb70, Solis Kanones, Rexistenz... and toured several times in North America and Europe.
In 2006, he founded with TZII (www.tzii.tk), the protean project Solar Skeletons (www.solarskeletons.com).
In 2007, he founded the concrete Dub/Mutant Rap project FUJAKO with portuguese Dub strategist HHY (www.soopa.org).
For this event he will present his more harsh aspect of sonic warfare using early digital mixer in no-input mode, to create a storm of sonic pixels. evolving, sometimes rythmic, always in the red !
Frederic Alstadt:
www.angstrom-records.com / angstrom-mastering.com
Ångstrom records & studio's sound architect, he's credited since the late 90s on many records as producer / mastering engineer.
In a performative context he explores the physicality of sound, the moment when the body becomes deeply vibration, organic palpable boundaries between the auditory and sensitive, to the loss of reference. He'll present one of his project built around a still turntable, without vinyl, useless, victim of a heralded end of the recording medium. This turntable together with the PA, architectural space and audience, are turned into a massive oscillator challenging the body with deep sub basses.
Expect Deep analog and organic pulsating drones where Bruitism meets quiet meditative.
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha 
Live dub mix of the coral pieces Khorus Anima and Sancta Viscera Tua.
Saldanha operates sonically in the projects HHY & The Macumbas, Fujako, Mécanosphère and Beast Box among others. 
His music has been released on Soopa, Wordsound, Tzadik and Ångström.
N.M.O (live set + DJ set)
N.M.O (Naturkunde Museum Ostbayern) is a strict exotic pattern oriented percussion/electronics duo. North European Morten J. Olsen (snare drum, tape delay) and South European Rubén Patiño (SuperCollider, mixer) make a sort of military danceable space music and/or fluxus techno which blends acoustic and computer generated sounds whilst exploring repetitive structures and sound spatialisation.
Morten J. Olsen, from Stavanger, is a percussionist and producer - once in a blue moon involved in other arts. Summer Solstice. 1m78cm. Middle Weight.
Rubén Patiño, also known as Pato, originally from Barcelona, works in the combination of electronic tonalities and visual arts.Taurus. 1m74cm. Light Heavy Weight.
the concerts will end with dj holsm (nmo) and dj pato (nmo)