Les Trois Rois

Les Trois Rois

Les Trois Rois

Matthieu Ha + 
Mr. Marcaille + 
Frederic Deltenre

8 €

Solemnitas Epiphaniae Domini! with our 3 Kings:

Matthieu Ha + Mr. Marcaille + Frederic Deltenre

The Dutch and Flemish call this day Driekoningen, while German speakers call it Dreikönigstag (Three Kings' Day). In the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and neighboring Germany, children in groups of three (symbolising the three kings) proceed in costume from house to house while singing songs typical for the occasion, and receiving a coin or some sweets at each door. They may each carry a paper lantern symbolizing the star. In some places, especially Holland, these troops gather for competitions and present their skits/songs for an audience. As in France, Koningentaart (Kings' tart), puff pastry with almond filling, is prepared with a bean or coin hidden inside. Whoever finds the bean in his or her piece is king or queen for the day. A more typically Dutch version is Koningenbrood, or Kings' bread. Another Lowlands tradition on Epiphany is to open up doors and windows to let good luck in for the coming year.