Limpe Fuchs workshop on percussion, self-built instruments & improvisation

Limpe Fuchs

Limpe Fuchs workshop on percussion, self-built instruments & improvisation (new dates!)


In this workshop Limpe Fuchs will give a practical introduction to her self-build instruments, which she will be using for her concert on March 24th: the  Metallophone which is made out of  40 metal tubes tuned to the Lucy-Harrison scale in 2 octaves, three pendulum string instruments, four tube drums, a soprano kettledrum, as well as other small percussion objects, her viola and her voice.
The participants will discover the instruments, their special tunings  and their playing methods through guided improvisation sessions. The participants can bring their own  acoustic  instruments, as well.

“When confidence in handling the tools and precision of listening are growing, nonverbal communication with music can start.”, she says.

Limpe Fuchs is a multi-instrumentalist. Since the 1970s she started touring as an improvising musician, with a variety of percussion and self-built instruments. She took part in numerous projects and formations,  exploring possibilites of making sound with different materials, such as stone, wood, metal and experiment with different tuning systems.


No prior knowledge requested, minimum 8, maximum 10 participants.
15€, registration :


Watch this video to see Limpe play her instruments in concert : 
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