Maoupa Mazzocchetti


Maoupa Mazzocchetti (b) Low Jack (fr) Iueke (fr)


Brussels-based Maoupa Mazzocchetti debuted on Unknown Precept with a cryptic dispatch from the brink of hardwave and minimal electronics, experimenting with thick quakes, paranoid tones, and caustic drum machine welts. Call it what you will, Maoupa’s vicious industrial terror adds sex appeal to discomfort when the dance floor turns ugly.…;

Low Jack (Editions Gravats - BZH)

Music of this character is clearly not intended for mass consumption, but Low Jack obviously isn't going for accessibility and is treading upon ground few would dare explore. Even at its most extreme – early SPK comes to mind, or Throbbing Gristle's most destructive phases – industrial and EBM have little that can compare to this in paint-peeling, face-melting impact. It makes most of the new wave of noise-techno crossover seem tame in comparison, perhaps with the exception of Pete Swanson, though Swanson has yet to make a techno record as convincing or as well-produced as this. Low Jack has in fact found a balance here, and if Sewing Machine falls short of being definitive, it leaves few questions unanswered. The last few years have found France finally coming back to the fore for new, innovative electronic music, and here Low Jack and In Paradisum maintain the trend and deliver some of their fiercest sounds yet.

Iueke (fr) the Antinote’s label co-founder and longtime producer regarded for his psychedelic singularity and fiercely unconventional selection skills. It sounds like Autechre filtered through a severely fuggy state of mind, unnerving and wildly inspiring.

Editions Gravats is based in Paris, but the roots and the heart of this label will forever lie in Brittany. Its founders Jean Carval and Erwan Tarek (aka Low Jack) are surrounded by a close circle of artists, with whom they send collages of crunching techno, industrial ambient, DIY installations, French chanson, left-field dub and reggaeton out into the world.