Meakusma Festival 2019


Meakusma Festival 2019

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The three-day festival will take place across several venues in Eupen, Belgium including The Alter Schlachthof, IKOB and the Friedenskirche.
We are happy to present you with a first wave of artists as we believe the lineup comprises many performers and performances to look forward to. For a full overview of all confirmed artists and performers plus detailed practical information, just head to the festival website.

Meakusma Festival 2019

Full Music Program:

Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra Of Excited Strings
Liz Harris & Roy Montgomery
Eli Keszler
Tashi Wada Group
Charlemagne Palestine
NWAQ & Dontdj Djdont
Lee Gamble
John T. Gast
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Flower-Corsano Duo
Elena Colombi
Ghost Producer
FELIX KUBIN & Hubert Zemler
Mazen Kerbaj & Franz Hautzinger
Norbert Möslang, Luke Calzonetti, Wendy Gondeln
Giuseppe Ielasi
New Optimism (Miho Hatori)
Jens Uwe Beyer & Albert Oehlen
Mia Zabelka, James Plotkin & Benjamin Finger
Muqata'a - مُقاطعة
7FO & Tapes
Thomas Ankersmit
Zigtrax (Kassem Mosse, Mix Mup & Tapes)
Disrupt Jahtari
Céline Gillain & Catherine Plenevaux
Nicola Ratti
going & Tetuzi Akiyama & Manuel Mota
Trio Heinz Herbert
Kali Malone
Piotr Kurek
Marja Ahti
Blurred Music
Where is the sun (Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger, dieb13, Martin Tétreault)
Davy Kehoe
Konrad Kraft
Cera Khin
Don The Tiger
Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli
Günter Schickert feat. Andreas Spechtl
Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond
Ben Bertrand
Floris Vanhoof
Orgue Agnès
Brannten Schnüre
Georgia Georgia
Lieven Martens Moana
Harmonious Thelonious
Wino Wagon DJ's
Johann Mazé
James Place
Koki Emura
Vis Invis Electrique!
DJ Residue
Lamusa II
Mix Mup
Lawrence Le Doux
Susanna Gartmayer
Gong Extensions
The Knob, The Finger & The It
Little Movies
Ralf Köster
Waltraud Blischke
Mark Cremins
FM Aether
Frans Æmbient
Soumaya Phéline
Or Sobre Blau
Meeuw Muzak
DJ Klakke
Mika Oki
Fizzy Veins
Ugne & Maria
Joscha Creutzfeldt
Low Bat
Red On & Subrihanna
Nico Bogaerts
Nicholas Lewis
Aidons Antoine

& Films, Installations, Lectures, Audio Guide, ...

From September 6 to 8, the Meakusma Festival returns and we are delighted to present you with a first wave of confirmed artists and performers.

2019 marks the fourth edition of the Festival, as always focusing on experimental and club music alike, boasting an intimate atmosphere and a carefully curated lineup. Various venues across the Belgian city of Eupen will for that one weekend be host to the festival, proof of the fact that the Meakusma Festival has become part of the city's DNA.

At the heart of the festival stands the Alter Schlachthof venue with its comfortable rooms and garden. The program of 2019's festival aims at distributing all performances in such a way that the smaller rooms of the venue will have to deal with less audience traffic. There will be more simultaneous performances and an extra sound system, installed in a space previously not used. There will be concerts in a church on Saturday and Sunday. The IKOB museum will again be host to several performances during two days of the festival. Other locations are the art gallery Vorn Und Oben, the Gülcher street and the Loten Park with an installation by the Musica organization from Neerpelt focused on a participation-based experience of sound and music and a wooden installation developed in collaboration with Terraforma from Milan intent on enhancing the sounds of the installation's environment.
The German branch of the Dublab radio station will for the fourth time run the Heuboden room over the whole weekend.
The festival will also feature many artist talks, installations, a film program, etc. For all practical matters such as accommodation, free camping, day tickets, etc, it is advised to consult the Meakusma Festival website.

2017 marked a very gratifying first collaboration with the Brussels-based venue and record label Les Ateliers Claus. They will be back co-curating a selection of artists whose performances will be spread out over the three days of the festival. One example here is the very first collaborative concert by composer, guitarist and lecturer from New Zealand Roy Montgomery together with American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris/Grouper. Montgomery stands as one of New Zealand's most vital underground artists, his signature sound revolving around atmosphere and the cinematic, complexly layered with echoing and droning guitar phrases. Grouper's ethereal sound touches upon folk, contemporary classical music, renaissance music, avant-pop and early music.

Reihe-M from Cologne also returns as a curator, presenting concerts in the Friedenskirche by Kali Malone and Charlemagne Palestine. Hailed as one of the founders of minimalism alongside Philip Glass, Phil Niblock, Terry Riley and La Monte Young, Palestine prefers to define himself as a maximalist. His drones intent on making entire buildings resonate, his iconoclastic output is all about reverberation, layering and complexity.

Meakusma has struck up a collaboration with the Belgian KRAAK festival and record label. Three artists from their roster will perform at the festival, namely Köhn, Floris Vanhoof and Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond.

The Meeuw Muzak label will present a joint performance by Swiss free improv musician Norbert Möslang, New Yorker and former deranged grindcore singer Luke Calzonetti and respected contemporary painter and man behind the acclaimed Wendy Gondeln project Albert Oehlen. More Meeuw action comes in the shape of a collaborative performance of 7FO and Tapes. 7FO hails from Osaka and produces meditative oceanic soundscapes creating a reflective space for himself and his audience. Tapes mixes up dub aesthetics, library music, traditional Indian instruments and all sounds psychedelic, exploring the many facets of bass music. Legendary electronic musician Felix Kubin and percussionist Hubert Zemler will, as part of the program curated by Meeuw, present their alienating and dissontant descent into the audiovisual world of science fiction classics that is Juxtalektrovision.

Ben UFO very successfully curated a night at 2018's festival and will be back this year bringing with him John T. Gast for the night progam on Friday and Laps and Klaus for performances on the dub soundsystem in the garden on Saturday afternoon. John T. Gast's persona is shrouded in mystery, his work firmly on the fringe of London's experimental music scene. He has collaborated with Hype Williams and Dean Blunt and cherishes channel heavy production and performance methods. Laps are an anarchic duo from Glasgow formed by Cass Ezeji of Golden Teacher and Alicia Matthews of Sue Wuki/Organs of Love.

The Tashi Wada Group is the new group of Los Angeles-based composer Tashi Wada featuring singer songwriter, composer and artist Julia Holter and percussionist and artist Corey Fogel. Reimagining forms of ancient and devotional music, psychoacoustics and non-equal tuning, their sound subtly navigates the interactions, intimacy and spaciousness between the group members. Japanese singer, songwriter
and avant-pop musician Miho Hatori is primarily known as the vocalist of the New York-based band Cibo Matto. She has also worked with Gorillaz and the Beasty Boys.

Keith Fullerton Whitman's work is informed by ambient music, drone, musique concrète and krautrock. He stands as one of the most revered composers and performers working in the field of experimental music today. Brannten Schnüre is an experimental dark folk group from Germany. Their work directs itself towards the atonal and transfers folkloric, ritual elements into the 21st century. Don The Tiger mixes rumba, baroque fantasy, guabina and flamenco with musique concrète and eleborate sampling techniques into a deeply expressive and melodically exuberant musical amalgam.

Multi-instrumentalists Benjamin Finger, James Plotkin and Mia Zabelka stretch the boundaries of electronic music, ambient, psychedelia and drone. Finger's music defies defies definition, admitting to a desire to allow everything. Plotkin was once a member of Scorn. He threads audacious sonic waters from harsh power electronics to dub-infected ambient electronica. Zabelka's work is visceral, cerebral and sensual. The Austrian violinist, improviser and composer has opened up the traditional understanding of her instrument towards improvisation, experimental music and sound art.

Catherine Plenevaux founded the Lexi Disques label that focuses on the crossroads of experimental and pop music. She will perform together with Céline Gillain whose music uses elements of sci-fi, feminism and deviant pop. The Trio Heinz Herbert has a jazz background, but delves into their own abstraction of jazz embracing technoid club culture, art rock, industrial and ambient sound art. The members of the Blurred Music Duo are both a part of the Splitter Orchestra. The duo works with musical structures that create a blur. Improvised parts alternate with fields of pre-structured material in which digital recordings of the duo are duplicated by live performance.

It is impossible to touch upon every artist in detail. Here above is the full list of the first wave of confirmed performers. There are many more coming up, so stay tuned!