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Sun Araw

Sun Araw (usa) + Georgia (usa) + RAMZi & Meakusma disc-jockeys (b)


Over an evolving canon of full-length albums, astrally-aligned collaborations and some arresting visual work, Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw has evolved as a singular purveyor of expansive,, contemporary psychotropic music that can encompass tweaked-out dub, free-wheeling improvisation and deep-focussed stumble-funk.
New Sun Araw record Saddle Of The Increate is a self-described “jackfruit rodeo”, an album concerning the roping and directing of cattle, specifically in reference to the Greek myth of the monster Geryon. Like other recent Stallones emissions it burns slow and bright, lacing through character narratives from the participants involved and deft slide guitar that places us in in some hallucinated, Herculean vision of the American West.

Georgia: Justin Tripp and Brian Close have put together a sort of creative ecosystem. As Georgia, they make music and do video and design work, both for themselves and a range of client-collaborators. Across their prodigious output there remains a sense of continuity—the smaller, more experimental projects counterbalance the high-profile promotional spots, and the whole thing holds itself in orbit, with its own gravity.

The mutant-polymorphic-spirit-child known only as RAMZi left its home of the deep forests and chose Phoebé Guillemot as their human host many moons past, tasking itself with the protection of wildlife, the decimation of its enemies and the conquest of new lands.  RAMZi makes itself known to our world as a tropical music gradually emerging, integrating elements from Caribbean music, jazz, dub, balearic and video game music, bringing to Jazz Fusion a second wind and to Fourth World music a Fifth World sound. Stubborn and protective, RAMZi is also a wild child warrior who enjoys squeezing birds and hanging out with their fluffy animal companions.
Phoebé just released an EP on the label Mood Hut, Phobiza ‘Noite’ vol. 2 following the first volume LP on Total Stasis. She is planning to release next spring on the label 12th Isle from Glasgow and will be touring in Europe for few months this year in between art residencies around the Mediterranean sea



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