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Review your classics

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"Review your classics", a film-club dedicated to experimental cinema,  is coming back in a new and enlarged format.
Starting this coming February will be happening every third Monday of each month. This is where you' ll have the chance to discover or re-discover some gems from the experimental film world. As far as possible, films will be shown on their original format.
Each Movielab will start with a "Review your classics" compilation, and will be followed by an open platform. If you want to show your experimental film or want to propose an experimental performance, live act, or installation, this showcase is then for you ! Drop us an email to  

Urban landscapes, industrial & post-industrial sceneries, undergrounds & overgrounds, transportations & speed lines, …
This "Review your classics" compilation will take you on a journey where experimental cinema is inspired by architecture and movements perceived in cities.
Starting in 1905, with a fascinating film-document about the NY subway which was only seven months old at the time, the journey will take you to contemporary explorations of spatial dynamics and singular visions of architecture. 

"Interior NY Subway, 14th St. to the 42nd St."
American Mutoscope Biograph, US, 1905, silent, 6'

"Jeux de reflets et de la vitesse"
Henri Chomette, FR, 1923-1925, silent, 6'

"Conical intersect"
Matta-Clark Gordon, FR-US, 1975, 16mm, silent, 19'

Jürgen Reble, DE, 1996, 16mm, sound, 13'

"Deconstruction sight"
Dominic Angerame, US, 1990, 16mm, sound, 12'

Maria Kourkouta, FR, 2012, 16mm, sound, 8' 

"Terminal City"
Chris Gallagher, CAN, 1982, 16mm, sound, 9'

21:00  Open platform
+ screening of "This is a history of New York", Jem Cohen, US, 1988, 16mm on video, 23'