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Eddie Detroit (USA) + Ignatz (B) + La Tène (CH) + + Among the Tuareg of Libya a film by Hisham Mayet + dj Sublime Frequencies

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Eddy Detroit (USA) + Ignatz (B) + La Tène (CH) + dj Sublime Frequencies + + + Among the Tuareg of Libya a film by Hisham Mayet

US underground legend Eddy Detroit (USA) has been everywhere, from witnessing the debut show by the Iguanas (Iggy Pop’s pre-Stooges band) to touring with the Meat Puppets and collaborating with TUSK favourites, Sun City Girls. A cult outsider with little interest in profile raising and a criminally meager discography for someone active for half a century, the recent retrospective collection Shock-A-Lock-A-Lickum on Hisham Mayet’s Assophone label affirms that quality trumps quantity every time. There’s a dreamy, dazed feel to Eddy’s music that blends wake-and-bake psychedelia, wandering minstrel folk and dead-end punk rock. A 2011 interview in the Phoenix New Times perhaps explains his limited, if essential, output: “Eddy Detroit walks slowly and talks fast. Both qualities are easy to account for. At 59, his body is worn from years of psychedelic experimentation, S&M sex, and a mix of what he describes as Karmic retribution and ailments passed down through his Lebanese heritage.” Eddy already knows he’s a legend though, he’s just waiting for the rest of us to catch up with him

Ignatz (B) presents his new album called The Drain. For the last decade, Belgian guitarist Bram Devens has been releasing solo recordings under the name Ignatz. This must be something like the sixth or seventh studio album Ignatz has cut, and it’s a remarkably solid slab of mysto-folk/blues invention. There are more vocals than noted on previous Ignatz slabs we’ve encountered, and they manage to remind us of everyone from early Townes Van Zandt (“The Watertower”) to Karen Dalton covering“Play with Fire” (“People in This Town”). The way Bram’s voice lazily combines with the loose guitar playing sometimes makes the album sound like a mutant hybrid of early Jandek and mid-period Hurley. The rhythms and melodies go in and out of focus with a beautiful irregularity that demonstrate them to be the work of a true original. Playing what sounds like a mix of acoustic and lightly amped guitars, Ignatz hits Krazy Kat square in the bean with this one. And we all see stars. Tell Officer Pup the news. Ignatz plays solo.

La Tène (CH) : these Suisse bolster their acoustic drones with subliminal, pulsing electronics and elongate their appropriated rhythms with implacable repetitions inspired by minimalists and eccentrics. Each of the album’s two pieces spans an album side but feels like it could go on all night. La Tène’s music sounds medieval and European, but it’s as trance inducing as something you’d hear at a powwow

+ + Among the Tuareg of Libya-
Extraordinary footage shot by Hisham Mayet in Libya in 2003. Filmed at a festival put together by Muammar Gaddafi to celebrate the Saharan culture of Libya.
This festival only existed for a short time (4 years), but it showcased some of the most elaborate and mind-blowing pageantry showcased by the various ethnic, Saharan tribes within the borders of Libya. Libya has been destroyed by the West. This event or these cultures are almost non-existent in the present day. This is a rare chance to celebrate what WAS for a short period of time.
A film by Hisham Mayet


20:00 -  Among the Tuareg of Libya - film by Hisham Mayet
21:00 - Eddy Detroit 
21:40 - Ignatz
22:30 - La Tène 

+ dj Sublime Frequencies


This event is in co-production with KRAAK