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PRAED: Founded by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca in 2006, “Praed” is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics. In the same year, the band made its first public appearance in Al Maslakh
festival in Switzerland, immediately followed by a concert at the Irtijal festival in Beirut.
The band consists of two regular members: Raed Yassin playing keyboards, laptop, electronics and vocals; and Paed Conca on clarinet, electric bass, and electronics.
The band’s body of work mainly explores the terrain of Arabic popular music (“Shaabi”) and its interconnectedness with other psychedelic and hypnotic musical genres in the world, such as free jazz, space jazz, and psychedelic rock among others.

Phoenician Drive! Brussels new uprising talent, playing oriental kraut for your psychedelic brain. With: Valerian Meunier, Gaspard Vanardois, Diego Moscoso, Matthieu Peyraud, Martin Rault & Joaquin Bermudez.
At the crossroads of Middle Eastern, North-African and Mediterranean musical traditions and psychedelic rock, Phoenician Drive is a six piece band born in Brussels' cultural maelstrom. It is composed of very different musical backgrounds, making drums and fuzzy guitars meet with oud and Eastern percussions. In the footsteps of earlier East-West musical blendings from the 70's like Erkin Koray or Orient Express, and under the influence of the German "kraut-rock" scene (Neu!, Can, Faust, ...), Phoenician Drive searches the hypnotic trance based on distorted oriental grooves.

+ dj The Wild
The Wild has been Out There the last 15 years, making radio for (2000-2012) and Fm.Brussels (2012-present) and Djing all over the place.
Besides that he has been curating 100s of concerts and parties as a professional promotor. Collaborating with venues as Democrazy (where he curated the Dyn-O-Mite nights - with artists such as Mulatu Astatke, Lee Fields, Ebo Taylor, Major Hawthorne ...). He set up the first Belgian Boiler Room in 2015 (with Lefto and Tangram Labelnight + STUFF), organising the Playa Del Soul festival in Ostend (celebrating Marvin Gaye with an expo, concerts and party).
Besides curating events he is also collaborating with UK labels Finders Keepers and Jazzman Records. For Finders Keepers he has made 3 releases with Belgian avant garde electronics by Louis De Meester and Karel Goeyvaerts and the reissue of the soundtrack of The Antwerp Killer. For Jazzman records he has done researched and licensing for the Popcorn and Spiritual Jazz compilations.