Razen, Bear Bones Lay Low


Razen +
Bear Bones, Lay Low

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Drawing on traditions of Old European music, deep-listening methods and raw sustained notes, Razen establishes their status as the finest avant-deepdrone ensemble of Belgium.

Bear Bones, Lay Low: Hailing from Venezuela, now long time based in Belgium, Bear Bones, Lay Low is the moniker Ernesto González uses to explore shifting psychedelic moods in electronic sound. Active since a teenager in the Belgian noise underground, González’s music has evolved from spontaneous bedroom noise/drone jams to colorful synthesizer tunes where library-esque vibes meet entrancing rhythms, dubby use of effects and plenty of freak outs. He has also been part of psychedelic jam band Sylvester Anfang II since 2006 and is involved in numerous projects including the drone duo González & Steenkiste (with Sylvester Anfang II bandmate Hellvete) and Tav Exotic, a beat driven electronic duo with fellow synth tripper Weird Dust. Having released music in various formats and labels such as Sloow Tapes, Lovecult’s Full of Nothing Records, KRAAK Record, Smeltkop Gent, Young Girls Records, Sicsic Tapes, etc. 
Bear Bones, Lay Low’s aim is to take you on an energetic trip through the most warped zones of the cartoon world hidden in your mind!