Phil and Monica +
harmony mOLINA +
Weird Dust +
Bear Bones, Lay Low +
Siet Rae & Lieven Martens Moana +
dj meeuw +
j Multitaskin +
Movie program: Review your classics


Our first event of the new concert season with: Phil and Monica, harmony mOLINA, Weird Dust, Bear Bones Lay Low, Siet Rae & Lieven Martens Moana, dj Meeuw, dj Multitaskin + Movieprogram: Review your classics!

We're back with a new program. The first one we can offer you for your health. It will be a sample of what is coming later this season. Music, performance, movies and dance.

The music, the bands which you'll be hearing are a mixture of local Belgian acts and also some very fine guests from Berlin, who we saw performing earlier this summer.

We're very glad and even excited to announce a movie program at Les Ateliers Claus.  From September on, we'll be doing monthly movie nights.

We'll be presenting works of Chloé Schuiten, who made a magzine for Les Ateliers Claus. 

And finally we can comfort you with new drinks at our fine bar. 


More info about the movie screenings: 

Screening #1

A non-linear & non-chronological program of early abstract experimental
films, from the 20's to the 60's.

-"Trade Tattoo"
Len Lye, 1937, sound, 5'

Oskar Fischinger, 1924-1926, muet, 4'

-"Ornament Sound"
Oskar Fischinger, 1932, sound, 7'

-"Color Cry"
Len Lye, 1952-1953, sound, 3'

-"Film Exercises 2,3"
James & John Whitney, 1944, sound, 4'

James Whitney, 1950-1957, sound, 8'

Stan Brakhage, 1963, silent, 4'

Jordan Belson, 1961, sound, 7'

Robert Breer, 1968, sound, 5'

John Withney, 1968, sound, 8'

-Films Ist Rhythmus: "Rhythmus 21"
Hans Richter, 1922-1924, muet, 4'