Review your classics


Review your classics, a monday movie night +
Screening #2

5 €

Screening #2. A non-linear & non-chronological program of abstract experimental
films, from the 60's to the 90's. 

From the 60's to the 90's. Second part of a program dedicated to abstract cinema, where  sound and images are intimately linked. In some cases images even produce sounds. Chemestries, scratches, direct manipulaton of celluloid, lights, images composed with the first  ever computers in human history, …All the films presented in this program were made without using a classic film-camera. But all were made and will be screened on film. In the background, the sound of the projector will comfort our ears. Let's spread the word: it will be a "real" film experience. A "vintage" experience!



Larry Cuba, US, 1978, 16mm, sound, 6'


John Whitney, US, 1961, 16mm, sound, 7'


Robert Breer, 1970,US, 16mm, no sound, 5'

"My movie melodies"

Jun'ichi Okuyama, JP, 1980, 16mm, sound,  7'

"Dresden Dynamo"

Lis Rhodes, UK, 1971, 16mm, sound, 5'

-"Train landscape"

Jules Engel, US, 1974-1975, 16mm, sound, 4'

"Calculated movements"

Larry Cuba, US, 1985, 16mm, sound, 6'

"Poemfield #2"

Stan Vanderbeek, US, 1971, 16mm, sound, 6'


Joost Rekveld, NL, 1994, 16 mm, no sound, 4' 00

"Particles in space"

Len Lye, US, 1979, 16mm, sound, 4'


"Review your classics", a film-club with no frills and no pretensions, dedicated to the discovery or re-discovery of classics from experimental cinema.A unique opportunity to watch some gems and other unique experimental films screened in their original format. No chronology, no linearity.

Each film program will have its theme, its tune, its sparking light… For the delight of your eyes and ears only!