Review your classics3

Review your classics

Review your classics, a monday movie night

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No other word is so referential to American independent film culture as this one, "Underground".
"Underground" was first used in 1957 by an American journalist to describe films which "played an anti-art role in Hollywood". Quickly the word adopted a wider signification and referred to avant-garde and experimental filmmakers operating outside the canons of the established film industry. First in San Francisco, then in New-York filmmakers like Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage, Shirley Clarke, Jack Smith, Ken Jacobs, Bruce Baillie, George Kuchar, to name but a few, … paved the way to a movement misunderstood at the time but highly praised today. 
This third screening of "Review your classics" will be a rare occasion to see some films from the historical American underground movement. The films will be screened on their original format: film and not video! It will also be the opportunity to discover a contemporary filmmaker, Jem Cohen, surely one of the most interesting avant-garde filmmaker to come out recently from NY City. 

Review Your Classics #3:
Little stabs at happiness
Ken Jacobs,US,1953-1963, 16mm, eng vo, 15'

Peyote Queen
Storm De Hirsch, US, 1965, 16mm, 8'`

Castro street
Bruce Baillie, US, 1966, 16mm, 10'

This is a history of New York
Jem Cohen,US,1987, 16mm, eng vo, 23'

Hold me while I'm naked
George Kuchar, US, 1966, 16mm, 15'
"Review your classics", un rendez-vous cinéphilique sans prétention, si ce n'est celui de vous faire découvrir des perles du cinéma expérimental projetés en format original. L'occasion de voir ou revoir des classiques de l'expérimental, pour le plus grand bonheur de vos papilles visuelles et auriculaires.
Pas de chronologie, pas de linéarité. Pour chaque programme, un thème, une idée, un fil d 'Ariane pour vous guider. 

"Review your classics", a film-club with no frills and no pretensions, dedicated to the discovery or re-discovery of classics from experimental cinema.
A unique opportunity to watch some gems and other unique experimental films screened in their original format. No chronology, no linearity. 
Each film program will have its theme, its tune, its sparking light, …. For the delight of your eyes and ears, only!