Soiree Radio Panik

Soirée Radio Panik

Soirée Radio Panik

Philippe Petit +
Phlitman & Kang +
Pit Kanigou + Robert Storey +
Radio Panik soundsystem

5 €

Soirée Radio Panik

Pit Kanigou 
Robert Storey (Orchestre Murphy, Resonance FM)
Phlitman & Kang
Philippe Petit 

Radio Panik soundsystem:
Our Man from Brussels (Moacrealsloa)
Mécou Yenski (L’intérim / Lustucrew)

Phlitman & Kang:
Cela fait plus de 25 ans, que Jean-Marie Mievis et l’illustrateur/cartooniste Kim Duchateau tapent le boeuf, enregistrent des singles, des cassettes et des cdr. En 2011  Jay Phlitman et Kim Kang (leurs nom de scène) sortaient l’album Velvet Coma Hotel.

Bien givré, flanqué de Mauro Pawlowski et des membres de Mon-o-Phone, le duo limbourgeois revient aujourd’hui avec 6 titres tordus, décalés et déstructurés qui balancent dans le mixeur un esprit Velvet Underground/Captain Beefheart, une pincée de punk futuriste, quelques gouttes de surréalisme et d’humour à la belge, une cuillerée de vieux B-52’s et quelques herbes arrachées dans le jardin de Lee Perry (Happy Attictune)…Un mini-album testé, disent-ils, sur des animaux empaillés. Ils ont un grain, ces Flamands.

Robert Storey with guest Florence Raynaud:
L'etranger (Radio Panik) will soon release a vinyl reissue of 1986 DIY 
K7 'PSST- Wanna Buy A Tape' on their label Eakekho Publications. To 
celebrate they invited one of the tape's primary contributors to perform 
a rare live set in Brussels.
Robert Storey will sing plaintive songs of relationship break-up, with 
laughs, lighthearted anthems of despair and punning ditties of deep 
eroticism. He will be joined by Florence Raynaud with whom he is working 
on a new project. It can now be revealed that details of this project 
will remain secret.
What can be revealed is that every Wednesday you can hear Rob's alter 
ego Earl Killorgin co-hosting the Club Integral show on Resonance FM, 
centered around London's club night for "the uncatogerisable".

If you want to dig futher back, then stop at London's post-punk 
underground where Rob first jammed in a loose collective The Murphy 
Federation, marrying South London scuffed stylings with avant pop 
murmurings and joyful bric-a-brac studio experimentation. The Murphies 
coalesced in the whirlpool of large communal squats where the 
post-Homosexuals / This Heat / Rock In Opposition scene gurgled, 
strapping together a fragile raft of floating players hell-bent on 
willful obscurity by constantly shifting lineup and changing band name 
(Orchestre Murphy, Murphy Patrol, Hot Club Murphy, Plain People of 
England, Miners of Banal, Murphy Working Stiffs, The Nobodies, Murphy No 

Throughout the ages, the Murphies never strayed far from that most basic 
tool of communication: the pop song, and Robert Storey remains the dark 
heart of the project to this day.