Steve Gunn & de Stervende Honden, Floris Vanhoof

Steve Gunn & de Stervende Honden, Floris Vanhoof

Steve Gunn & de Stervende Honden +
Floris Vanhoof

8 €

Steve Gunn is a New York-based guitarist and songwriter.
Gunn’s voice is rambling and soft.
Generous compositions, gently presented.

Gunn’s a descendent of the Dead, but also of J.J.Cale and La Monte Young and Bert Jansch and Frank Hutchinson.
His guitar playing has a mesmeric quality, a tender circling that feels almost like being swaddled. He’s a nimble, expressive guitarist and a pleasantly lackadaisical vocalist, singing, as he does, about his Brooklyn neighborhood, or water bumping a waterwheel into motion, or taking a certain path through a field.
Here he will play with his band De Stervende Honden (Tommy Denys and Erik Heestermans).

Floris Vanhoof: Filmmaker, musician, instrument builder, performer and visual artist from Belgium. Unknown for many ears and eyes, unless you're fimiliar with his hit-releases  "my parot whistles pure tones" or "the invisible hand of the voltage control". don't miss Floris!

This concert is a co-production between Ateliers Claus and Ancienne Belgique.