Thurston Moore, Andy Moor, Anne James Chaton


Supporting act: ilill

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More poetry and noise with radical guitarists Andy Moor and Thurston Moore and Anne James Chaton's poetry fragments, distinctive, deadpan delivery and depth charge electronics.

ANNE JAMES CHATON / voice, electronics 

Anne James Chaton based in Paris, is sound poet and performer. He has directed several reviews and has had six books of his poetry published by Al Dante. He has performed with the Dutch experimental rock group The Ex, and released Cds with guitarist Andy Moor ("Le Journaliste") who regularily perform live all over europe, Alva Noto ("Unitxt") and his own solo releases, including recently "Evenements 09". In 2010, he presented a new performance, called "Black Monodie", with the French performer Philippe Menard and continues to work with both Alva Noto and Andy Moor on a project called "Decade".

ANDY MOOR / guitar 

Andy Moor based in Amsterdam, born in London, began his musical life in Scotland is a full time member of Dutch Band The Ex and was a founding member of Scottish band Dog Faced Hermans and Berlin based Kletka Red. He has other duo projects with Yannis Kyriakides, Christine - Abdelnour -Sehnaoui, DJ/Rupture, Colin McLean, Kaffe Matthews and with quartet Lean Left (Terrie Ex, Paal Nillssen Love and Ken Vandermark) and trio Thermal (Thomas Lehn and John Butcher) and Trio Decade (Anne James Chaton & Alva Noto). Andy also works creating soundtracks for several film and dance companies. 

Andy Moor and Anne James Chaton first began performing together in 2004 when Chaton joined the Ex onstage to perform one of their songs. They later began to collaborate as duo building the music and text for one of Chatons portrait series of a journalist which later resulted in their first CD "le Journaliste". Since then Andy and Chaton have toured widely in Europe, Canada and Japan, always building, reconstructing and adjusting their set and performance using improvisation as a creative source, also in more recent months including video projections. They combine guitar riffs and loops, abstact noise, live sampling, dark beats and the unmistakable voice of chaton very present and rhythmic and somehow musical though never intentionally. At present they are working on their Transfer series based around the themes of transition and transportation the results of which will be released as a series of 4 seven inch singles in 2011 of which 2 are already out on the unsounds label.


Thurston Moore needs little introduction - an inventive and instantly recognisable guitarist both in his solo work and as a member of 

Sonic Youth.

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