Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka + 
Different Fountains + 
Balle Magique + 
Dimitri Runkkari

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Veronica Vasicka, Different Fountains, Balle Magique, soFa, Dimitri Runkkari
e l s e w h e r e & Les Ateliers Claus present:
Veronika Vasicka (Minimal Wave - New York) 
Veronica Vasicka is utterly dedicated to unearthing the lost and rare sounds of analogue synthesizers, late 70s and 80s cold wave electronics and italo disco. She’s bracketed the gems she collects as ‘Minimal Wave’, released on the eponymous label, which she created back in 2005. Some of the releases are reissues, as they originally came out on limited cassette runs or vinyl, the rest were never released at all. The label came to wider attention in 2010 when Stones Throw teamed up with her to release The Minimal Wave Tapes compilations, giving the DIY synth pop genre a voice it could never have imagined. Aside from this, Veronica has a weekly radio show on East Village Radio (which she co-founded when it was still a pirate station) and also runs Cititrax, a platform for more current music. And finally, unknown to most, she makes her own music under a secret pseudonym, but you’ll be lucky to hear any more about that.
Different Fountains LIVE (DF Editions)
Different Fountains formed in Brussels / Paris in 2009 by the two Fountainheads Bernardo Risquez (Venezuela) and Michael Langeder (Austria). The group produces leftfield electronica imbued by melody, other worldly sounds, permuted lyrics and alien wistfulness. Via their label, DFE, they ensure that everything they put out receives a limited vinyl issue.
Balle Magique LIVE 
A new instrumental project by Carl et Les Hommes Boites members Carl Roosens & Pascal Matthey. Drum machines, effect pedals and old keyboards! 
+ DJ soFa (LMALC) & Dimitri Runkkari (VLEK)