Wet Sounds with Joel Cahen

Wet Sounds

Wet Sounds with Joel Cahen

10 €

Sound by Joel Cahen with voice by La Horrox
Lighting and projection by SDNA
Deep water performance by Louis Clement da Costa

@ Piscine des Marolles; Rue du Chevreuil 28 – 1000 Bruxelles
The sessions/the concerts are 45 minutes long. The 1st session is at 19:00, the second one at 20:00. Please get your ticket in presales as there are a limited amount of places.

Wet Sounds is an underwater sound and light installation that transforms a swimming pool into an art space.  The sound in a swimming pool is split into two distinct systems: one above water and one below.  These two spaces can only be experienced by floating on the surface of the water.  The movement of the listeners' heads above and below the water changes the content of the sounds they perceive, entirely.  Movement through the space is integral to the experience of the listener and therefore the piece is site-specific in its preparation and perception.

Sound travels 4.5 times faster in water than in air.  Hence, in water sound is perceived as omniphonic and by the inner ear as opposed to by the ear-drum in air.  This creates a very unique listening experience for the audience- a new sensation that provides a strangely intimate listening space in a public place, where sound is perceived through the skeletal system and where slight head movements of the listeners take them to completely different sound spaces.  Without the means to communicate vocally with other listeners nor with the restrictions imposed by the seated venues of most auditory performances, the listeners are at liberty to explore the space independently and immerse themselves in an intimate, deep listening experience.

The surreal soundscapes played live by Joel Cahen create a dichotomy between the richness of the sounds and the sparseness and womblike environment of the water.  Joel Cahen plays live using a laptop, field recordings, various instruments and found objects to create an abstract electro-acoustic soundscape above and below the water's surface.  The sound content is otherworldly.  The lighting is sparse and compliments the special architecture of the pool.

The overall feel is relaxing and absorbing.  The freedom of movement through water and sound is very enjoyable for all ages.