William Parker (USA) + Hamid Drake (USA) + John Dikeman (USA)

El Negotico label night
Hamid Drake

William Parker (USA) + Hamid Drake (USA) + John Dikeman (USA) 

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William Parker (USA) + Hamid Drake (USA) + John Dikeman (USA) & Jeroen Van Herzeele (B) + Giovanni Barcella (B)

This trio came about when the DOEK festival in Amsterdam invited the American saxophonist (and Dutch resident) to form a new group for the festival. Dikeman went straight for one of the greatest rhythm sections of the last 30 years - asking William Parker and Hamid Drake to join him in a trio.

William Parker and Hamid Drake first came together as part of Peter Brötzmann’s legendary Die Like A Dog Quartet with trumpeter Toshinori Kondo. They’ve gone on to form a sympatico partnership, working as a duo (see Piercing the Veil on AUM Fidelity) and together on many of William Parker’s larger group projects.
From rural Wyoming to Amsterdam via Egypt, Dikeman’s playing runs the gamut of improvised music with an open attitude to collaboration that tears down any notion of genre. His own groups include the no-wave noise jazz of Cactus Truck, and Universal Indians - a tightly wound trio (with Jon Rune Strom on bass and Tollef Ostvang on drums) seen regularly with special guest Joe McPhee.

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