Xylouris White (gr/aus) + Circuit des Yeux (usa)


Xylouris White (gr/aus) + Circuit des Yeux (usa)

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Circuit des Yeux (USA)

Vocalist, composer, and producer Haley Fohr has been Circuit des Yeux since she was eighteen years old. Born in the year of the Dragon in Indiana's own "Star City" — that's Lafayette, IN — she released records regularly over the past decades; four full-length albums, along with several mini-albums and singles. Meanwhile, she has played shows everywhere, touring all the time. She has been based in Chicago since 2012.

All this was endeavored to be done out of necessity, in order for Haley to be Circuit des Yeux and for Circuit des Yeux to be Haley.

The records and shows have been done in primarily DIY fashion, as a means of navigating the world, genuflecting with Sagittarian energy. Circuit des Yeux reflects from a singular angle, looking deeply, at times unblinkingly, at connections and collisions of the cerebral and the physical, with a sense of colloquial grit and an equally opaque transcendent spirit in her words and her music.

Circuit des Yeux is an ardent collaborator, numbering Glenn Branca, Lee Ranaldo, Bill Orcutt, Bitchin Bajas & Bonny 'Prince' Billy and Olivia Block among her fellow performers.

Circuit des Yeux has received enervated and affirmative commentary from The Quietus, NPR, New York Times, Chicago Reader, Brooklyn Rail, Pitchfork and The Wire, among many others. They have all made interesting speculations on her brand of entertainment. All we can tell you in addition is that she has a four-octave range — at least on days when it isn't raining.

The fifth Circuit des Yeux album, Reaching for Indigo is co-produced by Haley Fohr and Cooper Crain.

« Voir un concert de Circuit des Yeux avec son groupe, c’est être témoin d’un processus puissant et élégant, fait de de résonances, d’harmonies et de drones, réuni autour de la voix profonde de Haley Fohr. J’ai vu 2 de leurs concerts le mois dernier, et je pourrais en voir un autre tout de suite. » NY TIMES

« Psyché Folk, musique expérimentale, ambiant introspective, qu’importe l’appelation, la musique de Circuit Des Yeux vous transporte comme nulle autres vers des contrées inexplorées et un tourbillon émotionnel unique. Circuit des Yeux est le projet de la chanteuse, compositrice et productrice Haley Fohr, née à Lafayette dans l’Indiana et installée à Chicago depuis cinq ans. Avec sa voix saisissante et fantomatique allant du grave à l’aigu saturé, la jeune artiste joue avec les sons et les harmonies, déconstruit la folk américaine pour mieux vous plonger dans son monde tourmenté et romantique. » FIP


Xylouris White (GR/AUS)

When Xylouris White recorded their second album, this most intuitive and inquisitive of duos did what comes naturally to them: expanded their horizons. For George Xylouris, the Cretan lute player who partners here with the Dirty Three’s preternaturally fluent Australian drummer Jim White, one aim was to extend a core metaphor of their ruggedly visionary debut album, 2014’s Goats. “Like goats walking in the mountain” is Xylouris’s poetic analogy for their approach: “They may not know the place, but they can walk easily and take risks and feel comfortable. Really, the goats inspired us.”

Jim White has commanded international attention for more than two decades as part of Australia’s Dirty Three, storm’s-eye instrumental diviners whose emotionally choppy soundscapes brim with elemental force. Now New York-based, White is often found collaborating with alt-A-listers (including: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, PJ Harvey, Nina Nastasia, Cat Power and Smog,) where his playing redeploys the rolling momentum of free-jazz to supple ends, from sensitive to seismic.

It took until 2013 for Xylouris and White to form as a duo, a process accelerated when White played with Xylouris and Psarantonis at a Nick Cave-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Australia. Just as other parties helped unite them, so the path to Black Peak was trod with support. The producer is Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto, as on Goats (Xylouris: “His enthusiasm and aesthetic bring richness to the proceedings.”); the ghostly harmonies on “Erotokritos” come from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

“All these things together, Jim from Australia, me from Crete, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy from Kentucky, Psarantonis from Crete, Guy Picciotto from Washington give us the inspiration of the horizon,” says Xylouris. “Jim and I travel a great deal and we like to do so. We have been doing that together the past three years, which is what inspired us to think of the horizon.

“We’re still goats,” he adds, “now on the horizon.” On the spectacular Black Peak, Xylouris White show just how far their horizons can stretch.

"Le duo Xylouris/White nous emmènera autant vers le folk crétois que vers le jazz mâtiné de post rock en passant par les Balkans, l’Inde, l’Afrique et la Méditerranée. Georgios Xylouris, maître du luth, fait partie de la légendaire famille Xylouris, gardienne de la tradition musicale crétoise. Très jeune, il accompagne son père Psarantonis dans les studios et tournées internationales. Ces voyages lui ont fait découvrir d’autres cultures musicales. Sa collaboration de longue date avec Jim White s’inscrit parfaitement dans l’évolution permanente de ce fantastique musicien. Jim White est un batteur australien unanimement reconnu, ses multiples collaborations avec, entre autres Dirty Three, Nick Cave… lui ont valu une renommée internationale. Considéré comme très précis dans son jeu, son duo avec Xylouris démontre une fois encore sa recherche permanente de nouvelles expériences musicales."



doors: 20:30
Circuit des Yeux 20:45
Xylouris White 22:00
+ dj Frans Claus