Zorro 3


Floris Vanhoof (b) Osilasi (b) Christophe Clébard (it)



Floris Vanhoof (b) Osilasi (b) Felix Kubin (ger)

Thank you for supporting and coming to our a 3 day mini-festival Zorro. We want to create a fun, inspiring and safe event for you in Brussels. All proceedings are going to the artists. It are special times, so we need to take some special measurements in order to keep it safe and sane for everyone and avoid troubles and fines. 
Please come with a mask and get comfortable in your bubble. Bring an umbrella in case of showers.

Doors will open at 6pm. The first act is playing at 7pm. 
everything is taking place outdoors, so the live music has to be over by 10pm. Curfew is midnight. 

Bad news, Felix Kubin a du annuler son concert de ce soir. L'Allemagne a déclaré Bruxelles zone rouge. Il aurait dû faire une quarantaine en rentrant chez lui. Good news, il sera remplacé par Christophe Clébard. Vous aurez la possibilité de vous faire rembourser, bien entendu.

Brought to you by ateliers claus x les actionnaires at la vallée in molenbeek with the support of VGC Staycation. 

18:00 DOORS
19:00 Floris Vanhoof
20:00 Osilasi
21:00 Christophe Clébard

with the support from Staycation BXL by VGC