There are no words to express all the bitterness from what happened in my beloved Beirut. A terrible explosion with a capacity of 3 kilotons, which was heard even in Cyprus. More than 100 people died, thousands were injured. Half of the city is in ruins, the port was destroyed, about 300 thousand people were left homeless. I can’t even believe that this terrible crime could have happened due to the fault of one russian coward buisnessman and a workers’ mistakes. I don’t even know how Lebanon will get out after this Chernobyl.
The blast wave severely destroyed one of the best contemporary art museums in the Middle East — Sursock. And I am very worried about the owner of my favorite music store in the center of Beirut — at the time of the explosion, old Roy probably cheerfully lit an evening cigarette behind the counter and turned on the cassette of the great Fairuz. His shop was located 2 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion. Maybe someone knows how Roy is doing?
Many Beirut musicians are now left homeless, their studios, and most importantly — stages where they can perform — destroyed. Everything was destroyed — even LPs & CDs.
You can help them buying and listening to their music. Its all is about love! Here are links to some of the key labels and artists:
— Ruptured Records:
— Annihaya Records:
— Al Maslakh Records:
— VV-VA Records:
— Irtijal Festival: just follow it
— Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival: just follow it
— Charbel Haber:
— Fadi Tabbal:
— Sharif Sehnaoui:…/sharif-sehnaou…
— Tony Elieh:…/its-good-to-die-every-now-…
— Jawad Nawfal:…/first-seconds-last-forever-2
— Marc Codsi:
— Sary Moussa:
— Kid Fourteen:
— Kinematik:
— Stress Distress:
— Two or The Dragon - التنّين:
— Stephanie Merchak:
— Lumi:
— Zalfa:
— KŌZŌ 構造:
— Youmna Saba:
— Liliane Chlela:
— sandmoon:
— Rise 1969:
If you know more, please send names in comments! And don't forget to donate to Lebanese Red Cross:
Beirut, be strong! "