2020 marks the launch of a one-year residency project at Decoratelier to support young makers in Brussels. By means of infrastructure, resources and technical know-how, these young creatives will be supported in the development of their projects within the walls of Decorateliers new location in Molenbeek.

Decoratelier functions as an accessible workspace for artists, set designers and audiences, as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations and social experiment. In October this year, Decoratelier moved to a new location in Manchesterstraat 17/19, Molenbeek, which consists of a semi-public courtyard (600 m2 to build whatever space that comes to mind), a central space of 300 m2 and several ateliers and/or project-rooms. To fully explore the challenges and the possibilities of these new surroun- dings, we need the help of others.

We are looking for persons or collectives who will use the semi-public spaces of Decoratelier to experiment with alternative forms of being public. What other kinds of parks, squares and meeting places do we need? In which other spaces can we come together? What spaces does Molenbeek need to diversify the ways in which to meet? How open or protected do they have to be?

Projects can include nightlife spaces (our monthly hip-hop-parties have proven to be great occasi- ons for experiment) but this is not a call for party-concepts. The neighbourhood is saturated with all-night parties already.
We favour projects that want to “learn by doing” over big one-off festivals. At Decoratelier, we believe in trial and error as a way to learn from each other, the neighbourhood and the beautiful failure in all of this.

We ask:

  • -  Candidates to apply alone or in a group

  • -  The average age of the group to be somewhat below 26

  • -  Some words or images about the imagined space. The description can be concrete

    or vague, set out in square meters or in a poem, long or short,... Decoratelier has a liking to the unfinished, the open, the impossible. Your application can consist entirely of questions that remain to be resolved.

  • -  A description of the applicant(s) profile(s) and work, as well as some illustration material (links, images, videos,...)

    We offer:
    - Residency spaces to be used freely throughout the year
    - A high level of autonomy and a low level of bureaucracy
    - Unconditional technical and scenographical support
    - A working budget to be managed in dialogue with Decoratelier. Money will be a tool just

    like the wood: available but not endless
    - A fascinating neighbourhood to operate in

    Please send your application until 5 January 2020 to We intentionally keep the deadline short notice – this should not be a heavy application.