Jaki Irvine

b. 1966, Dublin, Ireland

Overheard conversations and human incidents, casually observed, often form the starting point for Jaki Irvine’s work. She weaves these real events with fictitious narratives to produce haunting super 8, 16mm films and videos. Her work makes use of the potential discontinuity between moving image, musical score and narrator to undermine any sense of linear narrative. Irvine’s work suggests the fragmented mysterious and often absurd nature of the human condition.

Jaki Irvine: Before the Page is Turned, 2011 – Chapter 1: Acid


In 2010 I was invited to spend some time in Dublin Graphic Print Studios. For some months, I hung around the studios, videoing the painstaking processes and rhythms of the print works. I recorded sounds: water dripping; stones grinding; crashes of metal; squeals of presses.

Meanwhile the economic wheel turned: a downturn. Some were crushed. Some hung on. Some were swept away. This seeped into everything.

Before the Page is Turned is a series of five inter-woven videos that opens out a space to both hold on and to be swept along.


Jaki Irvine


Before the Page is Turned, 2011

5 x Single Screen Projections running consecutively

HD 16:9

Total duration 29 mins 37 sec


Click on chapter links below:

Chapter 1: Acid

Chapter 2: Stone Traffic

Chapter 3: Upside Down

Chapter 4: Crying

Chapter 5: Gone