Programme of the re-opening party 29/08/17 Marie Losier + Felix Kubin + DJ Meeuw

Tony Conrad DreaMinimalist (2008) Shot on 16mm, 27min, color

With Tony Conrad, Lara Doyle, Joe Gibbons, Tony Oursler, Sebastien S D Santamaria.

Camera, Editing, mixing: Marie Losier

Music and Songs by Tony Conrad

This is a dream portrait of Tony Conrad, the experimental filmmaker, musician/composer, sound artist, teacher and writer. Violin player Tony Conrad was one of the pioneers of New York minimalismand worked in 1962 on Lamonte Young's "Dream Music" project with the likes of John Cale, Angus MacLise (both future Velvet Underground).  Tony lived and worked with Jack Smith for many years and made the music for his famous film Flaming Creature. 
In this portrait of Tony Conrad, we discover Tony playing in his studio with costumes and wigs, practicing his violin in his home town-Buffalo, cooking pickled films, performing at Tonics and The Whitney Biennial in NYC, recalling his first hand puppet performances with his mother, his first meeting with Jack Smith and his involvement with Flaming Creature...2 years of footage and stories and laughters to share.
Slap the Gondola (2010) Shot on 16mm, 15min, color, screened on video.

With Tony Conrad, Genesis P-Orridge and April March
Musical with music, musicians, muses and fishes. On a giant ferry, two mermaids play violins to lure the fishwhen suddenly a giant fish lands on board, joined by thirty dancers and a great singer April March. A fish fight musical ensues. 

Papal Broken Dance (2009) Shot on super 8 & 16mm, 6 min, color

Music video Papal Breakdance by PTV3-Genesis P-Orridge

With Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and many friends.
A campy music video in the style of a scopitone from the early 1960s, with the wonderful cast of 10 boys in sexy red singlets and girls in red tutus, all dancing with joy with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring…all the ingredients for a slap stick boxing match in music.
Alan Vega, just a million dreams (2014) Shot on 16mm, 16 min, color
With Liz Lamere, Alan Vega et Dante Vega.
Produced by Marie Losier and Tamara Films
This intimate portrait depicts the moving and rebellious soul of groundbreaking visual artist and pioneer of minimalist electronic rock, Alan Vega, vocalist and composer for 1970s and 80s punk/post punk duo Suicide. Alan plays with the camera while loving, fighting and living with his family—Liz Lamere, his wife and collaborator, and their prodigal son Dante, young replica of Alan. Traces of joy, eccentricity, illumination, the rock-n-roll Alan Vega is still very alive, funny and rebellious!
Peaches and Jesper are on a boat, who stays afloat? (2013) Shot on Video, 5 min, color
With Peaches and Jesper Just.
Venice biennial, gondolas, unhappy couples, too much art. Peaches screaming an Italian opera to her sweet uninterested companion while strange poeple appear with black beards..who stays afloat?
Microphone Experience (February 2017) Shot on 16mm, 6 min, color
A short documentation about Felix Kubin recording experiments with microphones in Slatinka, a small place in mid Slovakia, for his radio play Phantomspeisung (phantom power) that will premiere on the 15th of September 2017 on Bayerischer Rundfunk in Germany.
This Hörspiel (radio play) is only about the microphone itself. Felix Kubin have used it as an instrument, as a guard on the border of airwaves and electromagnetic waves (a bit like the guard of life/death), an archiving device, a transmitter.
programme ré-opening 29/08/17