new releases on Midi Fish available this coming Friday 6th March at les ateliers claus

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Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano (usa)
20:00 8 €
Venue: Ancienne Belgique

photos by Laurent Orseau 

  • Bill Orcutt
  • Chris Corsano

new LP by John Butcher & John Edwards & Mark Sanders , photo by Laurent Orseau at les ateliers claus

  • John Butcher & John Edwards & Mark Sanders

New promo photo of The Underflow by Wanda Detemmerman from Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels. 

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One of electronic music's great "what if" stories, Daphne Oram created a graphical system for creating music well before modern sequencers. RA's Benji Lehmann explains.

Modern listeners of electronic music may not be familiar with the name Daphne Oram. We know a lot about Oram's contemporaries like Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Schaeffer, who did much to advance the creative use of audio technology. We also have learned the story of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop which Oram co-founded, thanks to reissues of the recordings it produced via labels like Rephlex. Oram, however, has often been omitted from accounts of the Workshop, and passed away in 2003 leaving little evidence of her life's work. Slowly, but surely, that has changed, and an exhibition at The Science Museum in London has recently further revealed her visionary understanding of how music would be made in the future. 

Oram attended Sherborne School where she studied music, and subsequently was accepted for the Royal College of Music in 1942. She joined the BBC a year later as a Junior Programme Engineer, drawing on her musical talent and technical skills she had learned from her brother, an electrical engineer, with whom she had built radio transmitters and receivers as a child. Her responsibilities at the time included sequencing the playback of classical recordings, which required the seamless transition every four minutes between 78 RPM discs. Engineers had to sync and mix the discs that made up the long symphonies to play them in full live, a technique almost identical to mixing two vinyl records today. 


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according to The Guardian 

Open since 2006, Les Ateliers Claus is in a labyrinthine part of Saint-Gilles, one of the city’s most arty zones, and is a Brussels equivalent of Café Oto in London. The lineup is always diverse and inspiring: a few months ago it hosted Japanese noise sculptor Keiji Haino and New York drummer/vibraphonist Ches Smith, stressing out the decibel meters to a packed crowd. It also promoted veteran prog rock band Magma in a larger venue, used when Claus proves too intimate. This joint has an inviting aura, with a bar beyond the stage that’s a good source of excitingly sour lambic beer. Coming soon: Thurston Moore, Terrie Ex, OOIOO and veteran US electronic composer Carl Stone.
Rue Crickx 15,


  • Paddy Steer

The aim of the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies is to increase the visibility of VUB urban research and to develop and support research-led projects in the domain of urban studies. Each year, the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies launches a call for projects, which is open to all VUB research groups and researchers.

For more information, please see the Call description (PDF) as well as the Application Form (Word).

Deadline for proposal submissions is 15 March 2020. Submit the application form via e-mail to the Centre’s research coordinator Lena Imeraj. The Brussels Centre for Urban Studies board will review all received applications and communicate the selection results within one month following this date.

the call

souvenirs by Geert Coppens 

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  • march 2020

souvenirs by Geert Coppens

  • Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler

souvenirs by Laurent Orseau 

  • Kaja Draksler & Terrie Ex
  • Kaja Draksler & Terrie Ex
  • Kaja Draksler & Terrie Ex
  • Kaja Draksler & Terrie Ex