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 Ben Bertrand finished the recordings of a new LP at Les Ateliers Claus. More news soon about this upcoming release.  

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souvenirs taken by Laurent Orseau



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Ubaldo (es)

Melancholic whisper, water rhythm, some sentences mixed with hyperactives guitars. Ubaldo is one of the monikers that Andreu G. Serra, catalan multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels use for create trembling ambient atmospheres. He is an active person in the iberian peninsule underground scene…The Noise of Mutt, Ensemble Topogràfic, Odd Labu, Bimbo Picasso and Or sobre Blau are some of the projects that he is/was involved. Since 2014 he runs the experimental label Boira Discos. In residency at ateliers claus from 14th until 25th October to record his new album. This is the 2nd leg of his residency, during the summer of 2019 Ubaldo already resided at ateliers claus in order to create new songs.v 

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2nd November at les ateliers claus
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Composers doing normal things: keiji haino buying folk records

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