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Calhau +
Iguanas +
Filipe Felizardo

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A Portuguese Underground bill
Portugal is an exotic country at the end of Europe. Northern Europeans look over it, because it is hidden behind a massive block of Hispanic culture. The perception of Portuguese music is reduced to local traditional music — the famous fado. But, since the eighties and even before, the underground, experimental and avant-garde scene grows and flourishes.
les ateliers claus and KRAAK present this scene in a historical context. The evening is centred around Porto’s most promising duo Calhau! who present their new record Ú.

Calhau! is not unlike the Portugese language: familiar and far out exotic, hermetic and poetic. They are a true gem from the Porto under- ground, blending sparse electronics with mys- tic vocalism. The duo of visual artists establish with the new album Ú their status as the most talented duo of the Portugese Avant-Garde.

Iguanas are one of strongholders on the in- famous youngster Cafetra Records (see also Putas Bebedas). In 2008 you could call it hyp- nagogic vaporware, nowadays you can call it straightforward dubbed out casioweirdness for the experienced stoner.

Filipe Felizardo was born and resides in Lisbon with his cat. He works in music and visual arts, focusing on composing for solo electric guitar, writing and drawing comics, along with some installation and land-art work. After the release of "Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog" on Clean Feed Records, he started a relationship with three:four records. He occasionally collaborates with Norberto Lobo, David Maranha's Ensemble, and Margarida Garcia.

+  a vide installation by Rawforest! Rawforest  is a native that lives in Google Islands, amongst png palmtrees and cyber aquariums. Landscape traveller and hyperlink tourist that searches its way back to the faraway tropics. Lately seated in Google Valley, it remains asleep between compact atmospheres of thick clouds, observing Google Workers in their voids of inhalation of information psychotropics.

This event is a collaboration with Kraak.