bar claus



we’re very sorry - surely you understand - but the concerts at les ateliers claus have been cancelled. les ateliers claus will re-open whenever it’s safe again - we’re planning to reschedule some of the concerts, others wont be possible. Pandemics such as corona ask of us to not only think about the ones we know, but also the ones we don’t know (and particularly those in poor health). By limiting physical contact we can limit the spreading of the virus and thus protect those who are most vulnerable. 

We're planning residencies and creations in 2020 - but we have to act with caution and take everything into account. 
You can contact us on fb-messenger or with any questions or propositions you may have. 

All tickets that were bought in presales will automatically be refunded. We contacted each one of you. In case of a problem, please reach out. 

for claus echo's please check our video section, our soundcloud or bandcamp