Fred Frith + Stephane Cl

Fredje Friet

Fred Frith (uk) + Stephane Clor (fr)


Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser Fred Frith has been making noise of one kind or another for almost 50 years, starting with the iconic rock collective Henry Cow, which he co-founded with Tim Hodgkinson in 1968.

Fred is best known as a pioneering electric guitarist and improviser, song-writer, and composer for film, dance and theater. Through bands like Art Bears, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, Keep the Dog, the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet and Cosa Brava, he has stayed close to his roots in rock and folk music while branching out in many other directions.

Stéphane Clor is a french artist and musician. He is mainly working with music, sound, installations and photography with a focus on the questioning of perception and its meaning in terms of experiences and interactions. He is playing double bass and cello especially in experimental and improvised music contexts. He is frequently collaborating on interdisciplinary projects as well as pedagogical interventions.

this event is a collaboration with Ars Musica 


20h00: DOORS
20h30 Stephane Clor
21h15 Fred Frith