Guili Guili Goulag, Why The Eye

Guili Guili Goulag

Guili Guili Goulag +
Why The Eye

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Guili Guili Goulag is some strings that hit, hypnotic rhythm and a voice coming out from the floor. It tickles you as much as it makes you hysterical. It is like listening though rusty pipes to the psychedelic incantations of the members of an ancient tribe, trapped between different times and seekin to communicate with each other. A Voodoo Mass, a strange cult where a fetish with an unlikely language will be incarnated by the sick complicity of a drum, bass guitar and a celtic harp. Thus, our legs and arms begin to dance around them. The ego crumbles, leaving a credulous animal horde which is henchman of futur sordid rituals. Debauchery and sweat garanteed !

Why the Eye, masked quartet form to Bxl end 2013 around instruments built by DjP, you will prevail in the rhythms for the less haunting. Of their music, the shades of specific instruments D. I. Y. emerges an alloy of tones tribal-noisy-experimental which will shake your body in a trance. All a guaranteed program without any programming, for a low-fi and hairy result.