Joachim Badenhorst, Jean-Yves Evrard, Riuichi Daijo, Pascal Niggenkemper

Joachim Badenhorst

Joachim Badenhorst +
Jean-Yves Evrard - Riuichi Daijo +
Pascal Niggenkemper

8 €

On a Good Friday we present you: KLEIN music label night with food by Madame Bei and of course musical performances. Food included for our audience. Just so it's clear: you'll receive some of the finest snacks made by Madame Bei while your ears are tickled by the music. Food & music for the tasty price of 8 euro.

Pascal Niggenkemper (GER) Solo. Bracht in 2015 zijn solo debuut uit `look in thine ears`.

Jean-Yves Evrard (FR) - Riuichi Daijo (JAP) duo

Joachim Badenhorst (B) Solo