John Edwards & Mark Sanders & John Butcher


John Edwards & Mark Sanders & John Butcher (uk) + Joao Lobo solo (pt)


"Between Sander’s nest of metallic percussion sounds, Edwards’ pulsing undercurrent and Butcher’s industrial-strength tenor sound, the three resemble some of Sun Ra and the Arkestra’s more inspired adventures, an astonishing achievement for a trio."– Freejazzblog

Delighted to welcome  these three phenomenal improvising musicians. Having amassed a huge amount of duo playing time between them it was only in 2016 that they first performed together as a trio, subsequently releasing their acclaimed debut recording, Last Dream of the Morning, on the Relative Pitch label. Not to be missed!

Joao Lobo solo (pt) In this ever evolving, eclectic solo, João Lobo explores some of the countless sound possibilities of a drumset through all acoustic song-like structured pieces in which the content is mainly improvised. His first solo album, "Nowruz" was released by swiss label three:four records in 2017.


doors: 20:30
21h Joao Lobo ( acoustic)
22hJohn Edwards /Mark Sanders /John Butcher